Our Vision

Our vision is a world without abuse or exploitation of people, especially through the sex industry and human trafficking.

Our Mission

How we help

With our global network and local partners, we provide legal, medical and pastoral help. In addition, we organize safe accommodation, return flights, regular coaching and support for further education and start-ups.

What motivates us

How We Started

In 2004, Vicente and Katia Medeiros, a Brazilian couple, celebrated their silver wedding in Switzerland. During this time, they encountered many Brazilian women in emergency situations. They found out that many women were lured to Switzerland with false promises of work or marriage. Instead, they were forced into prostitution or slavery work. The women were sexually, emotionally and psychologically exploited.

Vicente’s heart was broken, and he said to himself: someone must do something about the suffering of these women. He thought someone from the Swiss authorities or the Brazilian consulate would have to get involved but after a while he realized that it was his mission, he was the person he was looking for, because he was the one who could do something. So, he lost no time and moved to Switzerland with his family and launched Projekt Resgate in 2006.